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Click the link to see all the fun and order your prints and digital downloads today!!


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Greetings and welcome to my New Blogsite!  

Hello and Welcome to my new blogsite under construction.  I am currently creating a new web presence that combines my pictures of children, families and weddings with my fine art photography and crafting.  Very soon prints from my Graffiti Wisdom series will be available for purchase.  Here is a sneak peek of the first piece.   Read for BlogRead for Blog


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Harper & Jimmy Wedding Print Ordering Link – {austin wedding photography} HarperJimmyZenOrderingLink

Hello there folks!

Below is the link for ordering Harper & Jimmy’s Wedding Pictures. The previous site is set up for viewing and sharing and only offers web resolution watermarked downloads. The following link leads to the site for ordering high quality prints, high resolution digital downloads and other fun products. Clicking on the ‘Show All’ button at the bottom of the screen will allow you to see every image from the first view of the site. Please email me directly at if you would like to order custom enlargements or have any other questions.


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Mooney Family – {austin family photographer} This frisky amorous couple…..aMooneyBlog-6a



……is blessed with these grandchildren.


I am the lucky photographer who was invited to photograph the whole family and all of its individual constellations for an hour one steaming hot day late this summer. Aren’t they a beautiful bunch?!















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Baby Jett – {Austin Baby Photographer} This darling boy is my niece’s son, my daughters’ cousin and my great nephew! We spent a few minutes in the back yard with a hat at my in-law’s house late last summer. Isn’t he precious?!











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Inside Out Project – Austin The Inside Out Project is a global art exhibit designed to equalize people of different races and nationalities around the world. The project involves taking close up portraits of men, women and children in playful and often silly moments of interaction with the camera. The portraits are then blown up to larger than life sized prints and pasted to the sides of buildings, trains, roofs of houses and bridges where they can be seen clearly from far away. The affect being that the landscape of the architecture viewed becomes human and the viewer is encouraged to look deeply into the eyes and face of that person and possibly ponder for a moment the larger connection of all humanity.

This weekend on Saturday and Sunday, September 21 & 22 the folks at Inside Out Austin will be pasting up portraits all over our fine city. Keep your eyes peeled, its going to be great! I am so excited to be a part of this project. Here are a few of my portraits:






For more information on Inside Out head over here.

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Homemade Lunch Boxes 2012 School started for my girls last week and per our annual tradition (2011 here), I made each of them a new lunchbox, or lunch bag, as the case may be. This year I even got ambitious and made myself a new purse!  Moms like to start the school year feeling fresh and new too!  The materials I used for each bag are upcycled(except the pink webbing strap)  and now living a second, highly functional life. My greatest challenge this year was making a lunch box out of a paper Hello Kitty bag from our local Super Cool toy store, Toy Joy. I laminated the bag and doubled up ‘the fabric’ at the seams and so far it is holding together.  It is kind of hilariously large but my Little One wanted  a ‘Hello Kitty one’ and I aim to please!

At the end of the summer I spent some time reorganizing my crafting supplies and cleaning out my grandmother’s sewing chest that was gifted to me after she passed in the Fall of 2002 at 102. It had become the repository for all things calico, stringy or pointy.  Searching through the drawers brought back memories of the black, white and red speckled linoleum on her kitchen floor, the warm golden caramel color of her beautiful custom  kitchen cabinets and the delicious homemade sausage with tiny knots in the ends of the casings that used to actually pop when I pierced them with my fork.  So many things have contributed to my love of making of all kinds. The smells in that room, the cool corner cabinets that had special two piece hinged doors that revealed double decker lazy susans in the corners and the pull out cutting boards that were just my 7 year old height were just a few of the intrigues in that  magical land of discovery and invention.  As I was sorting the contents of the sewing chest I found needles piercing swatches of the same fabric that I have known forever in pictures of my mother as a toddler.  There was an old wad of beeswax that surely my grandmother used to help her stiffen the thread so she could get it through those pesky needles. Needles small and fine and large and fiercely curved.  Tiny wooden spools of silk thread and large cardboard spools with fine darning thread. Neutral colored  because she was darning my grandfather’s socks.  And an incredible stash of zippers.  One white metal zipper is keeping my Big Girl’s lunch tucked into her bag everyday.  My Grammy would be so proud.blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0003a blog_space 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0001a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0008a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0006a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0016a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0018a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0021a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0023a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0025a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0012a blog_space1 12F_BacktoSchool2012-0014a

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Kristine & Jared – {austin wedding photographer} This darling, intimate family wedding took place at Stone House Vineyards, a lovely small vineyard on the shores of Lake Travis just off Paleface Ranch Road. The bride and groom met in Law School at UT and decided to marry in the Austin area.



























Dress: Jared’s mom’s, vintage Neiman Marcus
His suit: Hugo Boss
Flowers: Central Market
Catering: Stone House Vineyard/ Gina Burchenal
Rabbi: Steven Folberg
Ketubah: Stephanie Caplan

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Violette Harper – {Austin Baby Photographer} I love when multiple people in my social circle say, “Have you met so and so? Oh, you really should,  you guys would love each other!”  This had been happening with these women for the last 4 years. So I knew it was only a matter of time until life brought us together.  When I arrived the door was ajar and I knew we were going to hit it off right away. The house was very still.  Mama and baby were in the bedroom quietly nursing and Mom was in the garden, picking kale. My favorite green. Their world is organic, natural and easy. I had a lovely afternoon photographing this sweet family and I am so looking forward to watching their little Violet grow!

12P_VioletteforBlog-0001b blog_space 12P_VioletteforBlog-0003

Sad face. (Not so sure about frilly dresses just yet.)


Happy face and ‘I know I’m the champ’ face.

Tired eyes on.


Afternoon nap. Pure bliss.


Violette’s devoted big sister clearly thinks her baby sis is the best!


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Kristine & Jared – Engagement Session This darling couple is getting married this weekend and hopefully it won’t be as windy on Saturday as it was when we did their engagement pictures. Although gale force winds look pretty adorable on them, don’t you think?
12P_Kristineforblog-0001b blog_space19 12P_Kristineforblog-0010a blog_space20 12P_Kristineforblog-0014a-copy blog_space21 12P_Kristineforblog-0020a3 blog_space24 12P_Kristineforblog-0017a-copy

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Pate Family – Austin Family Lifestyle Photographer I’m catching up on blogging.  I photographed this awesome family last summer. The two curly locked boys were in school with my youngest daughter until she moved on to Kinder last fall.  You may remember them from the soggiest shoot I have ever done. Their Mom got the flu the morning of the shoot, probably because she had been working so hard single moming and moving them into a new house while her hubby was doing his medical residency.  What a fantastic bunch!  Luckily we’ll be seeing more of them since their new house is in our school’s ‘hood.PateFamilyBlog-1 blog_space1 PateFamilyBlog-2 blog_space2 PateFamilyBlog-3 blog_space4 PateFamilyBlog-41 blog_space6 PateFamilyBlog-5 blog_space7 PateFamilyBlog-6 blog_space8 PateFamilyBlog-7 blog_space10 PateFamilyBlog-8 blog_space11 PateFamilyBlog-9 blog_space14 PateFamilyBlog-10 blog_space15 PateFamilyBlog-12a blog_space16 PateFamilyBlog-11 blog_space19 PateFamilyBlog-131 blog_space17 PateFamilyBlog-14 blog_space20 PateFamilyBlog-15

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Pleased and Proud – Farmhouse Delivery, Mod Green Pod and Me! I am feeling so fortunate to be part of a happy collaboration with Farmhouse Delivery and Nancy Mims – Textile designer of Mod Green Pod fame. Every Monday, a luscious, overflowing bushel of edible, organic splendor arrives at about 3pm on the rock in front of my house. With excitement, I arrange the different shapes and sizes of bounty in a charming way that will show off the week’s offerings both individually and as a whole. And each month Nancy designs a new fabric to compliment the vegetables and fruit of the season.

Are we gorgeous together, or what?!

If you would like to start cooking with the freshest organic veggies in Texas, click here.
If you would like a few (hundred once you see them) yards of lovely organic custom designed fabric, contact Nancy here.

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